We demand answers.
Our dead are not forgotten.

Families for the Truth emerges as a Complaint Tribune of the most horrifying, violent, and atrocious massacre that humanity has suffered under the pretext of a non-existent Pandemic, scientifically invalidated.

This Plandemic has used as one of its vehicles of human extermination, the perverse, corrupt, and diabolical Covid Protocol, imposed by the mercenaries on duty: CDC, WHO and the political and governmental system of each country where it has been imposed without any scruple human being

Families for the Truth is a Tribune, a space to give voice and life to family members and victims who were brutally tortured by the very ones who should have protected them, the so-called doctors, nurses, paramedical and health personnel. That with full knowledge, treachery, and premeditation they sentenced innocent people to the most horrible death that a human being can experience.

Entire families have been severed, mutilated, humiliated, traumatized, offended, and wounded in the depths of their souls. Today we are the witnesses of a genocide that has all the complicity of a Political and Judicial, coercive, and mercenary system that surrenders to a sinister Elite that tries to dominate humanity.

We denounce that our family members entered hospitals and outpatient centers in a stable condition, where they were lied to about their diagnoses in order to kidnap them. They were subjected to drastic temperature changes to destabilize and weaken them. They are poisoned with toxic chemicals such as Remdesivir and Kaletra. Drugs with opposing and adverse effects were administered simultaneously. The victims were saturated with morphine and sedatives, to finally lead them to a violent death by intubation.


These “DEAD BY COVID” suffered humiliation, harassment, and the most intense and disgusting harassment imaginable, they were blamed by verbally assaulting them for not being vaccinated, for being the polluting source, irresponsible citizens, and bad people, who should ” pay for his crime” with his life. They were physically and mentally tortured, depriving them of water, food, the right to walk, see their relatives and be cared for. They were sentenced to isolation, solitary confinement, confinement, abandonment, fear, and terror.

Our loved ones were deprived of the most basic and inalienable right, the right to life. We, the relatives, could not save or defend them.

This page is an invitation to assert Justice, it is a call to fight against the New World Order and the 2030 Agenda. It is a call, a call to honor, dignity, and courage, so that we assume the responsibility that corresponds to us to save this humanity and be able to leave our children a better world.

Families for the truth, in memory, deep respect and love for my beautiful sister: Aleli Loo. Tireless warrior, who fought for her life and denounced her executioners until her last breath.

Families for the Truth, in memory, respect and honor to all the victims, martyrs of today, who are more present than ever in our lives. They tried to silence them forever, but in their sacrifice, they left a trail, traces that reveal the truth of this crime against humanity.

Isolation, solitary confinement, abandonment, immediate withdrawal of solid food and serum feeding, indiscriminate supply of antiretroviral toxins such as Remdesivir and Kaletra, other combined drugs, sedation, morphine and intubation.

We denounced that our relatives entered the hospitals in a stable condition, many times without their own wish and without the consent of the relatives, and after the application of these protocols, they gradually worsened, day after day, until they met death, while their relatives could not do absolutely nothing to defend our rights and the physical integrity of our relatives.


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